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Autumn Wreath

I wanted to make an Autumn wreath for November until we bust our Christmas decor out, but I didn’t want to spent a lot of money :/ So, I bought a skeen of thick yarn, a few sheets of embellished felt and a straw wreath on sale. I use pins to secure the yarn because of the heat that gets trapped between our glass door and the black door, but you could use glue too πŸ™‚ I wrapped the yarn around the wreath. I used one full skeen for a 12 inch straw wreath. Then I cut different sized circles on the felt (I just traced ribbon spools). The smallest ones I made orange and I pinched the middle and pinned it onto the layered felt circles of other colors, then I pinned that onto the wreath. I made a few extra circles that weren’t orange, pinched the middle, and pinned them around the larger felt flower. I tied some orange ribbon on to attach it to the wreath hanger (because the straw wreaths are too thick to fit straight onto our wreath hanger) and VOILA! It was a very simple, but cute wreath! Here areaΒ  few close ups

I think the mix of cranberry, brown, khaki, cream, and the pop of orange just screams Thanksgiving πŸ™‚ I love it! And for your viewing pleasure here’s a picture of a sweet little kitty cat that absolutely loved trick or treating on Halloween!

She really got into it and had us running around the neighborhood saying “Hurry! A light!” We had such a blast together!

Mrs O


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Conversations with Little O

For quite a while I’ve been getting excited for Little O to become more verbal. She has had plenty to say for over a year now, I just usually don’t understand what it is :/ However, she’s getting more and more easy to understand and now I’m excited for the conversations she and I will have…in the car, walking in the store, sitting at home, playing outside…you get it. Yesterday we had our first real exchange of conversation! It was short, but oh so sweet πŸ™‚ and it made me pretty happy. So happy in fact that I continued to repeat it to Dr O throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening. He loves when I do that….NOT!

Yesterday, Dr O, Little O and I went to Baskin Robbins for some delicious trick or treat oreo ice cream (if you haven’t had it–you’re missing out: halloween oreo, baby ruth, butterfinger deliciousness). Baskin Robbins is conveniently located in the same shopping center as her dance studio.

On the way home she said, “Hey Mom.” (By the way, I’m “mom” now, not “mommy.” Dr O is also “dad”)

“Yes, Little O?”

“I want to go to dancing class!”

“I know you love dance, but we went to dancing class today and we don’t go back for another week. So we’ll see Ms. Dawn next Friday at dancing class. Ok?”

“I wanna do it again. I want to go to dancing class!”

So, usually our conversations consist of her telling me “No”… regardless of what I have said to her and she never answers my questions. But today she had much more to say πŸ™‚ I don’t know that she’s grasped the idea of how to answer questions yet. So, this conversation made me really excited that maybe we’re to the point that we can have more conversations instead of just me talking to her myself all the time!

Mrs O


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A B C D F G….wait a minute…

So, here in Kentucky it’s been getting quite chilly for fall (I’m from South Carolina, where you don’t feel an ounce of fall until late October-if you’re lucky.). In the morning, our house is so cold that I struggle to get out of bed. STRUGGLE. It’s a daily 20 minute battle I have with myself. I try to get up before Little O, so I can shower and look decent because if I shower when she’s awake, Dr O’s med mags mysteriously begin to disappear and he is SERIOUS about those medical magazines journals.

I’m lucky enough to have a little girl that stays in her bed (knock on wood!) until I go into her room. So if she wakes up early or while I’m in the shower, she just entertains herself for a bit. I know. I. am. so. lucky. This morning, after the 20 minute mind battle, I finally got out of bed to shower so I didn’t look like a scrub when I dropped Little O off at nursery school. As I’m walking onto the frighteningly cold bathroom tile, I hear “Tinkle (don’t judge, that’s how she says twinkle!), tinkle stars. Tinkle, tinkle stars. Tinkle, tinkle stars.” You get it, right? She was using her singing voice, which unfortunately she gets from Mommy and we need a little voice coach work, but I think it is beautiful and the most precious thing in the world. After a round of “Tinkle, tinkle,” she started singing her ABCs. Which usually go like this “A B C D” and she’s usually screaming them at us when she’s mad. I don’t know what she has against the ABC’s, but we only really hear them when she’s angry :/ She wasn’t angry this morning as she sang them, to the tune of the song, “A B C D F G, A B C D F G, A B C D F G.” So she skipped E, who nds that lttr anyway? (Get it, I left it out…ok, enough of that). Little O is really taking her time with learning her ABC song, but I think instead of just memorizing a song and jumbling letters together, she’s trying to soak in each letter because this song process has been going on for a year and we’re only 6 letters in (skipping E, of course). But, she is precious and perfect and I love hearing her sing. It made losing the 20 minute battle to get out of bed this morning so worth it to see her cute little face πŸ™‚

Is your heart melting? Because it totally should be πŸ™‚

Mrs O


PS- During naptime today I’m making honey wheat bagels, so stay tuned!


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