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The wonders of internet sales…

#1 I had to add a category called “Random” to store this in because it is not a recipe, craft, or parenting tidbit, but it IS awesome 🙂

Way back when, 5 years ago (feels like a LONG time ago–my last name was different, I was eating one meal a day and working out for 45 minutes, I was constantly thinking about our upcoming wedding, and I definitely wasn’t think about being a mommy) I bought some pearl sets for my bridesmaids (matching bracelet, necklace, earrings). I’m from the South–you *must* own and wear pearls, especially in our wedding. Regardless, when I received these sets, I didn’t like the clasps on them (Yes, I was that superficial and ridiculous during wedding planning!). So, I tucked them away in my under the bed wrapping paper holder and ordered some sets that had clasps I approved of.

Now, fast forward about 3 1/2 years. I am married, teaching, my husband is a struggling med student (not struggling in an academic sense because he is, literally, brilliant but struggling in that he didn’t make any money and, as we all know, teachers make a meager salary). I have a sweet, little girl smiling and cooing at me. You get the picture, right? As we are purging our house in preparation that we could be moving in the upcoming year due to the match process for medical students (which I’m considering writing a book about–it would be WAY too long of a blog post), I find these sets. I ask Dr O if he thinks we can sell them online or something. He looks doubtful, but says we could give it a try. They are still in the original packaging (a cute sheer gift bag). So we list them on amazon (I’m not sure why we chose amazon over ebay because that was Dr O’s choice and he isn’t home right now for me to ask him :)) for a set price. We listed 5 sets and thought, “Eh, maybe we’ll sell one or two.”

Fast forward again (I realize I’m asking a lot of you…all this fast forwarding ;)). We are very settled in our new life here in Kentucky, I am a stay-at-home mom who blogs during naptime and cooks and cleans every day. AND I. love. every. minute. of. it. Dr O is finally a doctor, working really hard and is quickly becoming a rockstar at the hospital. Little O is crazy as always, but so adorably sweet. It’s Saturday night, Little O has been asleep for hours while Dr O and I watch a nerdy food documentary on tv, drink decaf coffee, and are getting ready to go to bed when his crackberry beeps that he has an e-mail. He looks at it and says, “We sold something?” As he continues to read, we realize we have sold ALL 5 sets of pearls that we listed over a year ago. And, we made a pretty nice profit 🙂 At least some money to put a dent in the small fortune we paid for a portable heater earlier that day.

Can you believe that?! I think it is the craziest thing. I guess we figured after 3-6 months, they would just take them off the website and say “Geez guys, you really thought you could sell these?!” I think it is so crazy in fact, that today when I mailed them to the buyer I felt the need to share this story with the postal worker at the counter. She tried really hard to seem interested, but I could tell she was thinking “You’re way too excited about this…get a life, lady!” so I thought I’d share it with all of you as a reminder that if you’ve ever put something up on amazon for sale–it could sell years later, bringing you unexpected profit!

Gotta go, Dr O is on his way home early. October is going to be a good month!

Mrs O


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