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SIKE…name change

So, after some debating in the shower (isn’t that where you do YOUR best thinking?!), I decided to change the site name to My Mint Julep. Here are a few reasons why (1) we just moved to Kentucky (2) I know that I will not be 100% whole food 100% of the time (3) cooking, crafting, sewing, parenting are all things that I love and enjoy about life….just like I love and enjoy a Mint Julep :).

Mrs O

PS- I know I promised a delicious recipe post, but I forgot to take pictures while I was making it last time and so it is postponed until I can get to the store for more avocadoes, but it’s coming…I promise 🙂

PSS- I also have a new addition to my extended family, as of this morning and I’ve been working on a sweet blanket for him. Pictures and post coming soon!


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Not just food and a little about me

Yes, this blog is called bluegrasswholefoodadventures, but it isn’t JUST about food. I tricked you into being interested ;)However, for a while it will probably be a lot about food because of my fun new adventure…

I am a notoriously picky eater. Hardcore. picky. eater. Like, don’t get pickles on my sandwich because I can taste the pickle juice on the bread kind of picky eater. It’s a pretty intense and embarrassing flaw I possess. I have been this way as long as I can remember and I hate it!

Fastforward to having my daughter and her turning 6 months old. I decided to make her baby food so that I would know exactly what was going into her body. I made her all sorts of things–the usuals (apples, carrots, peas), but I also made her butternut squash, avocados, and all other types of food you can’t find in a jar on the baby aisle at the grocery store! I NEVER TRIED ANY OF IT! Can you believe that?!

So, here I am…26; super picky eater; desperately wanting to help raise awareness for local, organic agriculture; desiring to become healthier and eat the same foods my daughter does. After a few months of my husband making me watch some Netflix documentaries on whole foods, local farming and agriculture, etc.;  researching the whole foods movement; and working up the guts to try new things I find…..(drumroll) a local CSA. CSA is community-supported agriculture. You basically buy into a share of the farm’s crops for the season and pick up your box of locally-grown vegetable goodness each week. Glass half-empty perspective: you never know what is going to be in the box! It could be vegetables I have never even heard of or things I’m terrified to try (tomatoes…yes, you read that right.). Glass half-full perspective: If I’ve already paid for it and it’s sitting in my veggie basket, I will be forced to find a recipe for it.

So, the O family has made the decision to jump into a whole foods movement. I sent in our registration and check yesterday and I can’t wait to get started. We are not only getting a regular share of fruits and veggies, but we’ll also be getting organic chicken and beef and a dozen eggs every 2 weeks. I was so excited to try new foods that I went to the local farmer’s market with a good friend yesterday. I bought bell peppers (never tried them), eggplant (I *think* I had eggplant parmesan once in college, other than that-none!), and butternut squash (never tried it, although it smelled great when I made it for Miss Priss). I dove into the bell peppers as soon as I got home from the market (Little O was at school). Chopping them carefully I took a bite and to my surprise—they weren’t terrible! I did bust out some ranch dressing (come on, don’t judge…I’m taking baby steps here!) and found them to be even more delicious. I ate an entire bell pepper as a mid morning snack. Dr. O was uber-proud of me!

A little more about me, I love to craft and diy. I am a former early childhood teacher, but now stay at home with Little O (2 years old and a spitting image of her mommy). Dr. O is a resident here in Kentucky with aspirations of owning his own primary care practice, raising cattle on a farm, and many, many other dreams that I can’t even begin to list (he’s a dreamer, it’s one of the things I adore about him). Check back in a few days for a fun recipe for Chocolate of the Gods Mousse (primary ingredient=avocado, end result=delicious!)

Mrs O


**~EDIT as of 9/26/2011- I changed the name of the blog after this first post, so don’t feel silly if you’re confused. My Mint Julep was a little more creative and fit the theme of the blog better. Plus Dr O thought bluegrasswholefoodadventures was a silly name for my blog and as much as I hate to admit it–he was right!~**

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