Autumn Wreath

I wanted to make an Autumn wreath for November until we bust our Christmas decor out, but I didn’t want to spent a lot of money :/ So, I bought a skeen of thick yarn, a few sheets of embellished felt and a straw wreath on sale. I use pins to secure the yarn because of the heat that gets trapped between our glass door and the black door, but you could use glue too 🙂 I wrapped the yarn around the wreath. I used one full skeen for a 12 inch straw wreath. Then I cut different sized circles on the felt (I just traced ribbon spools). The smallest ones I made orange and I pinched the middle and pinned it onto the layered felt circles of other colors, then I pinned that onto the wreath. I made a few extra circles that weren’t orange, pinched the middle, and pinned them around the larger felt flower. I tied some orange ribbon on to attach it to the wreath hanger (because the straw wreaths are too thick to fit straight onto our wreath hanger) and VOILA! It was a very simple, but cute wreath! Here area  few close ups

I think the mix of cranberry, brown, khaki, cream, and the pop of orange just screams Thanksgiving 🙂 I love it! And for your viewing pleasure here’s a picture of a sweet little kitty cat that absolutely loved trick or treating on Halloween!

She really got into it and had us running around the neighborhood saying “Hurry! A light!” We had such a blast together!

Mrs O


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