First CSA Share!!!

We **finally** picked up our first CSA share from Elmwood Stock Farm here in Kentucky (pardon my super messy counter….no one is perfect, right?!)! We’ve been waiting for weeks with excitement and anticipation 🙂 We got a regular share of vegetables, a share of meat (chicken and beef), and a dozen eggs. The eggs are from free range chickens and they are HUGE! I can’t wait to eat one 🙂 First, I have to finish the eggs we got from the market a couple weeks ago. Anyway, here’s a rundown of what we got and will use over the next two weeks (although I’m not sure what to do with half of it because I’ve never cooked with it before–recipes welcome!)

bok choy (never cooked with it, but it’s got a lot of calcium)

rainbow swiss chard (never cooked with it)

mustard greens (only used it for decoration on a veggie platter :/)

white onions and sweet yellow candy onions

a MASSIVE organic garlic (this might last us a few weeks….the cloves are huge and there are plenty of them!)

eggplant (we’re having eggplant parmesan :))

spaghetti squash (not sure about what to do with that one…)

carnival squash (I’m thinking it might be good as a roasted side dish….)

sweet bell peppers (these I think will be mostly snacks for Dr O, but maybe we’ll roast some as a side dish)

a spicy pepper that we will never use :/

a precious little pie pumpkin (we let Little O play with it for now, but I may make a puree with it in a couple weeks)

a beautiful Cinderella pumpkin (apparently, there are waiting lists….yes, waiting lists for pumpkins…in New York for this breed of pumpkin! Again, I’ll probably use it for decoration, then some kind of yummy pumpkin treat!)

organic lettuce (I’m thinking a salad with one of our pasta dishes for dinner one night….we actually have enough for 2 or 3 salads.)

collard greens (Dr O makes yummy collards!)

radishes (no clue what to do with these!)

beets (see above beside “radishes” :))

tomatoes (If you remember, I was terrified to get these, but I’ve decided I’m going to use most of them to make my own spaghetti sauce and the others for a taco soup that a friend of mine made a couple weeks ago for bible study–it was amazingly yummy :))

sweet potatoes (these are the BIGGEST I’ve ever seen….picture below. I’m going to make at least one sweet potato souffle, but I think just one sweet potato will give me enough for that, so we’ll also have baked sweet potatoes)

gold potatoes (I think we’ll have roasted seasoned potatoes a couple times as a side dish.)

kale (You know, I LOVE kale chips, but I want to try something new with the kale too…any ideas?!)

and tomatillos (what do you do with those…seriously?)

For our meat share, we got a whole organic chicken (I want to use EVERY part of it….make chicken stock and all….who can give me tips on how to use the whole chicken?) and 4 organic beef patties.

Neither Dr O nor I were expecting as much as we got in our share! (I mean we didn’t know what to expect!) This will definitely last us two weeks and we are so, so thrilled about the quality of all the food we’ve received! What I love about Elmwood is that they give you a newsletter listing all your share items, the dietary benefits of most of the items in your share, how to store them, recipes, and news from the farm 🙂

Looking at the pictures again is making me EVEN MORE excited about all these new foods to try!!! Seriously y’all, if you have recipes for any of the above, please post them below for me!!!

Mrs O



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5 responses to “First CSA Share!!!

  1. Gigi

    Cook the mustard just like Dr. O cooks collards or I think that is what you said. Or do a mustard salad with olive oil and vinegar, boiled eggs, and yes, onions!
    Make a garden salad with the lettuce using (gasp) chopped tomatoes, chopped bell pepper, ta da (gasp) sliced radishes, onions, and cukes if you have them. Then use taco sauce or what ever you prefer for the dressing. I use taco sauce on all my salads (I am a salad person) or oil n vinegar. Has fewer calories than all other kind, I Think! Healthier anyway! And if I have them, I use MorningStar crumbles and have a taco salad topped with whatever cheese I have on hand.
    Now, for the sweet potatoes, girl, if you haven’t try ‘sweet potato dumplings’, you will be in for a treat!!!! Google for the recipe. If you can’t get the recipe (I can’t remember where I got it from, let me know, and I will share mine. Mercy, they are wonderful!
    I have never tried the spaghetti squash but my son has and he said just to cook it like you would regular spaghetti, I think, and toss it with whatever you wish. Better do some more checking on that, tho.
    Hey, you asked. Hope you will try some of these WITH tomatoes and bell pepper – come on, just try it; you’ll like it.

  2. Nancy

    I could make something with most everything you got! So jealous. Spaghetti squash is wonderful. Google to find methods to cook. So Good. Chard (like spinach) can be used in casseroles, steamed, etc, just be sure it is not too wet if subbing for spinach. I made a eggplant, spaghetti squash parmesan and spinach parm. mini casserole (for me) 2 weeks ago. I’m the only one that eats sp. squash. Definitely cook the pie pumpkin to make puree. I did this last weekend and it was soooo amazingly fresh. Recipes I can provide but you may have fun just checking out sites. Check out skinnytase by Gina.

  3. Nancy

    skinnytaste….Her photos make you drool.

  4. Pattyann

    Spaghetti squash is awesome. I cut it in half, pull out the seeds and coop (it’s kind of like a pumpkin on the inside. Then put water in a baking dish and put it cut side down in the oven. I usually google what temp and how long. But when it’s done you can scratch out the inside with a fork and it strings like spaghetti. I usually spray it with some butter and use it as a side dish. I think there is also a recipe for it in one of the cook yourself skinny books I have if you want it I can write it down and bring it to dance next week…

  5. sharpshooter77

    I have a fresh chicken in my slow cooker now. I washed the chicken – took out any innards and put it in slow cooker with celery, onions, carrots, salt, pepper. If you want to reduce the fat remove the skin from the chicken. I put about 4 or 5 cups of water because I make my own broth to freeze for later use. Turned it on low and it will cook overnight and be ready for lunch tomorrow. If you cook the innards you can chop them up later to use in dressing or some other dish that you want to get the vitamins into. I threw mine out. I suppose that was wasteful wasn’t it?? Everything looked delicious and so so healthy. We are still getting tomatoes out of our garden and are using them for soup, salsa, tomatoe sandwiches. I am really going to miss our tomatoes.

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