Decorative Fall Pumpkins

At the farmer’s market yesterday, Little O talked her way into a free pumpkin (not really, they were giving a free pumpkin to each kid that was there). I also bought several small pie pumpkins since they were $2 each. I knew I wanted to decorate them (I had seen several ideas on Pinterest, using fabric, mod podge, and vinyl), so we brought our pumpkins home and I got to work. I cut a bat and cat out of black vinyl (You could draw it on black fabric, cut it out, and mod podge if you don’t have vinyl OR use puff paint to draw one on).

I just stuck them on (instead of mod podging) because I was hoping to take them off in a couple weeks (if the pumpkins are still good) and continue to use them as decoration in November. Then I cut my “O” out of fabric (using my Silhouette SD, but you could easily sketch a letter onto the fabric, cut it out, and mod podge it on).

First, I put some mod podge on the pumpkin where I would be placing the “O.” Then I stuck the “O” on and mod podged over it…trying to keep it an even layer. I used matte mod podge instead of gloss so it would be less likely to stand out since I wasn’t applying it to the whole pumpkin.

Then, I knew I wanted to use fabric and floral wire to make some decorative leaves for the top. I just freehanded them, but you could download a template or trace a leaf clip art that you’ve printed.

I hot glued floral wire to the underside of the fabric. Then I wrapped ribbon around the floral wire (hot gluing it to the wire at the top and bottom). Then I just wrapped the wire around the stem of the pumpkin. At first, I did it this way:

…fail….I hate the way that looks. It looks like I’m trying to add bat wings to the pumpkin stem, right?!?!? Eww. So, then I did this:

I laid them flat onto the pumpkin and wrapped the floral wire upward around the stem. Then I ruffled up the floral wire so the leaves didn’t lay so flat. It was a pretty easy project and I used all materials that I had on hand, so the only cost was the small pie pumpkins (since I got the huge one for FREE!) 🙂

The pumpkins on the left are some I also got at the market. Little O’s sweet smile convinced the farmer to give them to me for a steal- $6 for both!!! He originally priced them at $10! I definitely think our front door looks more “fall” now and welcoming! We got the mums from a local farm and green house for $6 each. When we went to visit, this is basically what Little O did the entire time

She ran from us….saying, “I runnin’!”

And she spent some time in the fields….far away from Mom and Dad

What a cutie 🙂 I love the way she loves nature! She is such a curious little girl. She’ll grab at anything! Last week at the park, she tried to grab a butterfly by the wings and accidentally rubbed some of it’s pigmentation off :/ Whoops! If you’re wondering about her cute little outfit…I made it! My first outfit ever 🙂 I’ll have a separate post about that soon.

Now, go make some decorative pumpkins!

Mrs O


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