Spooky Halloween Specimen Art

So, quite a while back I saw this post http://tatertotsandjello.com/2010/09/creepy-halloween-specimen-art.html and I thought it was pretty cool, but I wanted to get some nice frames before I did it, so that I could switch out the art throughout the year and not just use a couple of dollar store frames that I didn’t like. Earlier this week on my Hobby Lobby run, I found some clearanced frames and while I had to do some work on one of them (that resulted in a glass cut on my thumb..the worst, right?!), I knew they would be perfect!

I got each frame for like $6. There are 2 8x10s and the rectangular shaped frame (I forgot the measurements on it :/). That’s not a bad deal! Also, you need scrap paper that relates to the holiday/season/theme of your art, some foam sticky tabs, and cardstock. I used cardstock as the background for this specimen art, but I think next month I’ll use a fabric or solid cardstock.

The first thing I did was take those frames apart so that they were the outer part, the backing, and the glass. I threw away everything else. Then I cut my cardstock for the backing by using the back of the frame as a guide. Jen from Tatertots and Jello uses paper punches for her specimen art, but I am oh so fortunate to have a Silhouette SD; therefore, I cut mine out using my craft cutter. I decided to go with cats, bats, and jack o lanterns.

As I cut each page, I placed the pieces onto the cardstock and spread out the patterns I was using.

When I had filled up each piece of cardstock. I spaced the objects apart and put a piece (or two small pieces on the bats) and stuck it on. I eyeballed lining them up, unlike Jen who used grid paper to line things up perfectly. She’s so awesome, right?! I love her blog.

Then I had these:

I decided I wanted to use silver vinyl to add words. That way the shadow of the word would kind of show through on the frame…making it a little spookier and dressing it up some. I think if I do that again, I’ll like the contrast of not using white as a background because the words will *pop*!

For next month, I may do acorns, pumpkins, and corn husks. We’ll see…I may put them away and bust them out at Christmas with ornaments, stars, and stockings!

These are pretty easy to make using a silhouette, but again, you could use a craft punch OR use cardstock to create a template that you can trace onto your scrapbook paper!

Happy Crafting 🙂

Mrs O



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3 responses to “Spooky Halloween Specimen Art

  1. Nancy

    What a great project! Wish I had something similar at my desk at work.

    I have seen something similar using giant funky letters (One letter per frame) in different sized frames like “JOY” “PEACE”, HOPE that were on a hearth… BTW. I envy your “cutter”.

  2. mymintjulep

    Nancy-If you are crafty, consider getting a silhouette SD or silhouette cameo or asking someone for it for Christmas 🙂 It cuts fabric, vinyl, and any type of paper. I’ve made Little O shirts with iron on fabric cut on it, wedding gifts personalized with vinyl, and a whole HOST of other things! I aboslutely LOVE IT! Check out http://www.expressionsvinyl.com or “like” Expressions Vinyl on facebook for some great deals 🙂

  3. Ginny

    3 post on your blog today 🙂 These are super cute too! Can not wait to see what you come up with for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Forward the Silhouette information to Dustin so I can start crafting new stuff!

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