Spinach Chicken Ricotta Roll Ups (or classy lasagna)

Confession: This dish does take some serious prep time, BUT in our house, it makes 2 nights of dinner and it’s pretty delicious.

Here’s the ingredient line up

Mozzarella Cheese (maybe a cup or so)


parmesan cheese (1/4 cup)

spaghetti sauce (just a few tablespoons)

chicken breasts (I use 2)

low fat or fat free ricotta cheese (15 oz)

lasagna noodles (I used 10 for 2 meals)

spinach (as much or as little as you like. I use about 1/2 cup wilted)

garlic (a couple cloves)

italian seasoning (a tablespoon)

First things first, get those noodles boiling. Then begin to slice the chicken into small strips and saute. I used canola spray to coat the pan and cooked it on medium until juices ran clear. Once it’s cooked, cut it up into very small diced pieces. Once that’s done, place the chicken in a mixing bowl and chop up your spinach finely. The original recipe I saw for these called for frozen spinach, but let’s be honest with one another: Frozen spinach is narsty….not just nasty, but narsty. I hate the taste of it. I *love* fresh spinach and wilting it for a dish. Sure, it’s on the dirty dozen list, but, I honestly don’t care. The flavor of fresh spinach kicks the flavor of frozen spinach’s butt every time. Hands down. (and Mrs O exits the soapbox)

Then using the same pan, I sprayed it with canola spray again, wilt your spinach. I also toss a clove of minced garlic in when wilting spinach for some added flavor.

*~Sidenote~* My mom gave me this garlic mincing wheel that she got from Williams and Sonoma and it is AWESOME. It is so much cheaper to buy whole garlic, unpeel it when I need it, and just run it through this baby

And I get this

Alright, back to the classy lasagna…Put the wilted spinach in the mixing bowl with your chicken. Also, check on those noodles-if they’re done go ahead and drain them. They have to be nice and dry before we can roll them up. In the mixing bowl, add italian seasoning (about 1 tbsp), ricotta cheese (a 15oz container), another clove or two of minced garlic, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, and beaten egg. Mix all these together very, very well.

Mmmmmm…get in my belly!

Now that your lasagna noodles are pretty dry, lay them out on parchment paper or foil on the counter

Plop (yes, plop is a very professional kitchen word.) a few tablespoons on each noodle and spread to make a very thin layer of the mixture.

Then roll them up!

Dr O and I each usually eat two rolls and Little O eats one, so this recipe makes two meals for our house. Therefore, I freeze 5 of the rolls to make an easier dinner later in the month. I just put them in sandwich baggies (then all I have to do is thaw them, and follow the steps below)…so KEEP READING! 🙂

Now, I’ve told you about the spaghetti sauce feelings of the O fam before. If you like a lot of sauce, then you can sauce the dish and these babies right up! But, alas, the O fam doesn’t like a lot of sauce, so I put a very, very thin layer of sauce in a baking dish pie plate (I know it’s weird, but it was the perfect size!) Then I place the rolls in the plate. Top them with a bit of sauce and some mozzarella cheese

They bake on 350 degrees for about 35-40 minutes (until the cheese is nice and melted). Now, you should know that I usually do messy, intense dinner prep during Little O’s naptime, so I covered these and put them in the fridge until dinnertime. Then (naughty Mrs O)..I forgot to snap a shot of the cooked product 😦 What a failure I’m turning out to be! Geez, you must be really disappointed :/ But here are a couple up close shots of uncooked rolls 🙂


Mrs O

PS- Tomorrow I have some fun (and inexpensive–is it me or does “inexpensive” just sound classier than “cheap”?) specimen Halloween art to show you!



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7 responses to “Spinach Chicken Ricotta Roll Ups (or classy lasagna)

  1. Dorothy Harbin

    I’ve made these! Good for a party too!

  2. These look labor intensive but so delicious. I can taste them from her.

  3. Jluvbirdee

    I am cooking this for sure… This looks fabulous!

  4. Kathy

    I’m a friend of your Aunt Dorothy. This recipe looks wonderful. I’ve made the same type of roll-ups using ground turkey. Great for company–it looks so fancy and tastes so good!

  5. Nancy

    Looks great! I could easily customize these with add in’s depending on who likes what. Add mushrooms to some leave out on others.


  6. Mom

    I made these without the chicken and used more sauce than you did. They were great. I found the filling to be a llttle too dry so I think I’ll add another egg next time and maybe a little nutmeg (from Micki’s Italian great-grandmother’s lasagna recipe). Even though it took some time to put together, the recipe makes so many rollups it makes several meals. I ate 2 the first time, but decided it was 1 too many for me. They were big. I love this recipe. I also tried the flat bread using pizza dough. I used them for regular sandwiches. Great. Haven’t tried the Cheeseburger Flat Bread Melt yet.

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