Fall into Fall!

So, I went to Hobby Lobby with the intention of making my own apothecary jars like the ones I’ve seen all over (you guessed it!) Pinterest. But, much to my despair (okay, so I’m being a little dramatic), they didn’t have any wooden candlesticks. So that project is on hold until I can find some…somewhere :/ But, I did find some unfinished wood that I thought I could use to create word posts. I’ll probably do this again for Christmas, maybe with the word “joy” or “give.” Anyway, back the project.

Here are the supplies you needWhat’s left out of the picture? Hot glue, gorilla glue, or wood glue and a piece of sandpaper or sanding block. Also, some raffia or ribbon, if you like. I used hot glue because I’m way too impatient to wait for wood glue to dry; however, I wish I would have used more patience (this is a common easier said than done phrase I use :/) because the hot glue didn’t hold very well. I chose burnt umber, garnet, and pumpkin orange, but you could use any fall colors you wanted! I also thought this project might be cute to say “boo,” but the Hobby Lobby here was out of “o” so I did “fall” instead because, again, I’m super impatient. The 4 rectangles are from a bag of scrap wood that I got for $4 and all the unfinished wood was 30% off at Hobby Lobby this week, so this project cost me less than $10! (SCORE!)

First, I assembled the posts by attaching the dowel to the wooden circle, and the dowel caps to the top. Then I painted the entire thing brown. I painted the letters garnet and I painted the rectangles orange for a pop of bright color!

I did paint both sides of the rectangle pieces, but I wouldn’t recommend painting both sides of the letters (unless you’re punishing yourself that day) because you’ll just be gluing them to the rectangles. I painted the top and sides of the letters and I only used on coat because I knew I’d be distressing them later. I also only did one coat of orange on the rectangles because I liked the graininess (is that a word?!) of the wood and wanted it to show through slightly. I did 2 coats on the posts and circular bases. After you’ve got everything painted, it’s time to glue the letters to the rectangles. I chose to vary the sizes of rectangles and make a pattern, so I did skinny rectangle, chubby rectangle, skinny rectangle, chubby rectangle. You could also get rectangles or squares that are all the same size if you’re into that sort of thing 😉 I used wood glue and applied it to the back of the letters with a paintbrush then I set a paint on top of each letter so it would hold well. I’m sooooo lazy creative, right?! After you’ve done this, get your hot glue gun out and piping hot if you haven’t been using it because now it will come in handy!

I piped a line of hot glue right down the center of the back of each letter and place it on the post. I had decided that I wanted my rectangles to be in different areas of the post instead of lining up perfectly, but, of course, you could line them up perfectly (if you’re dying to get your ruler out and stress about measurements 🙂 which I wasn’t)! After you’ve attached all of your letters to their posts, get your sand paper out and start distressing. I think if you don’t distress, it just looks TOO homemade and although you want people to be BLOWN AWAY by the awesome project you made…you also want it to go with your other decor. So, you can chose to omit this step if you like 🙂 Sand away at the bottom of the post, top of the post, edges of the rectangles and letters, and on top of the letters. I like the rustic result.

Then tie a little raffia or ribbon at the connection of the dowel and dowel cap and you’re finished!

Now, confession time: This is why you shouldn’t use hot glue for connecting dowels and bases: as I carried these proudly downstairs, TWO (not just one, but TWO) fell apart at the base. And what did lazy Mrs O do, you ask? Did she get wood glue and wait patiently for it to dry? Did she get her beloved gorilla glue? Nope, I marched right back upstairs and used my hot glue gun to fix it. Don’t be lazy like me, guys, use gorilla or wood glue…please!

I think they turned out great! The dilemma I’m having now is where to put them! Comment on this post and tell me which you like better:

I like them on the entertainment center, but I hate that we have brown posts, brown walls, and dark brown wood furniture. It just seems too dark!

Or on the mantle? Here they stand out a little more, but that wreath overpowers them a bit. Thoughts?

And now I’ll leave you with one more picture of my beauties 🙂

Craft away!

Mrs O



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3 responses to “Fall into Fall!

  1. Pattyann

    I vote mantle, they make a nice accent to the wreath. I agree about the darkness of the entertainment area. I think that area needs something that is one object and larger. Like maybe a giant jar with something festive in it to break up the brown you were talking about! Hope the O family is doing well, see you in 2 day at dance!

  2. Ginny

    Mantle – Such a great idea!

  3. Kim

    I vote mantle, too! These turned out super cute!

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