Kitchen Helper Stand!

This morning, I’m drinking a pumpkin spice K-cup for the first time and can I just say that it is deliciously amazing?! I’m wondering where it’s been the last couple weeks! I should have had this in my stomach the first day of fall (if not a few days before!). Fall is my all-time favorite season of the year. Usually on Labor Day weekend (I know it’s a couple weeks early, but I can’t resist!), I decorate the house for fall. Pumpkins, leaves, wreaths, candles and NOW-pumpkin spice K-cups. YUM!

Okay, back to the subject matter (You should also know I have a strong tendency to go off on unrelated subjects-one of the things that I’m almost positive drives Dr O crazy, but it is what it is ;)). I’m noticing a trend in my posts and that trend is…


PINTEREST! I can’t help it, I check it more often than my e-mail or facebook. I have an app on my phone and the majority of our monthly menu is on my FOOD board. Half the projects rolling around in my brain are on my Must Do board. It’s so addicting. On Pinterest in say early August (a long time ago), I saw this link

Because I have seen these sell for upwards of $200 online AND I have been dying for one, I thought, “I wonder if I can convince Dr O to make this.” He’s a pretty handy guy-not only can he change oil, rotate tires, build things, but he can also sew and is a rockin’ bathtub cleaner. So, I showed him the picture and said that the materials should cost about $20. He said he thought it was a great idea and he’d get to work building it during his study week in October. His study week isn’t until later in the month, so imagine my surprise when last weekend he said, “We’re going to Lowe’s to get the materials for Chloe’s helper stand today. I’m going to go ahead and build it now.” That trickster had me thinking I was going to have to wait and wait and wait, but then surprised me 🙂 It could have been from the numerous comments I’d make to him when he came home right as I was putting dinner on the table, the house was a mess, and Little O was whining. Comments like “I guess the house wouldn’t be so messy if I had my helper stand” and “She probably wouldn’t be so whiney if she could help, but without the helper stand it’s just too hard”…you get it, right? I was driving him crazy! But, calm Dr O would respond with “I’m going to build it for you in October. I haven’t forgotten.” We ended up spending about $75 on the materials because we got pine, but you could do it for cheaper, if necessary. Because I had no part in this at all, other than seeing a picture, wanting it, and asking begging whining for it (I got some tips from Little O on effective whining strategies), I don’t have a tutorial for how he did it because he did his differently than Ana White, but her tutorial is a great way to start.

Here is the finished stand

Some things Dr O did that were different from Ana White were not to do curved pieces on the sides, he also used a 2 x 8 for the back (in case she falls backward), and he put the back and front pieces down lower so she wouldn’t have to reach over them. She’d be able to reach straight onto the counter. One of the beauties of this stand, over the $200 stand sold online, is that this stand folds flat (it’s not super slim, but it does fold down so it can be stored in the garage, laundry room, or against a wall). Since we have such a small kitchen, I am very thankful for this feature 🙂

And here is Little O thoroughly enjoying it

If you have a handy husband or father (or if you’re handy) and you have young children, but you don’t have an extra $200 laying around or can’t justify spending that much on this thing-I strongly suggest having him make one for you! Since Dr O works some long hours, I often have to try to prep and cook dinner at Little O’s neediest and fussiest time of the day. So she does one of three things (1) throws fit after fit after fit for my attention and I can’t really blame her for that (2) gets into any and every drawer that we couldn’t put a child lock on and takes all contents out, then refuses to pick it up (3) watches a movie. I hate DESPISE putting her in front of the tv just so I can get things done. This helper stand is the answer to my prayers 🙂 She loves being in it and I can give her plenty of attention while she becomes a little kitchen apprentice!

Mrs O


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