Monogrammed Soap Dispenser (on the cheap!)

You may have seen in this picture

my red Dial soap dispenser (see it? Right in the lower left hand corner-ish?) and thought “I haven’t seen colored Dial dispensers!” I’m 100% sure you thought it because you’re that inquisitive about things in my pictures…like, say, soap dispensers? All joking aside, I’ve been wanting to jazz the soap dispensers up for a while and saw quite a few bouncing around the blogoverse and Pinterest. After a few weeks, I finally had an empty soap bottle. (sidenote: It’s amazing how long it takes for a soap dispenser to become empty when you’re waiting for it and how when you don’t feel like having to run out and get soap, your soap dispenser is empty!)

First, I primed the bottom part and then spray painted it with a color I had left over from some recent craft project (a beautiful, deep garnet–Carolina pride–). After it dried, I used my Silhouette to cut out an “O” in a fancy font and stuck it onto the dispenser. Then I took some black ric rac (again, leftover from a recent craft project) and tied it around where you screw the top onto the base. Then I took a match and heat sealed the ends so it looked a little bit “neater.”

And ta-da!

One picture I saw on Pinterest (which I can’t seem to locate now that I need it, so unfortunately, I can’t give you the link or even tell you how to find it :/) had soap bottles for different seasons. As I begin to collect empty soap dispensers, I may jazz up each bathroom 🙂 but, until then this one looks pretty next to my brand new sink stand!

Mrs O


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