Sink stand

I saw a picture of a cake stand turned sink stand on Pinterest (my not-so-secret addiction) and thought, “That might help make our sink look less cluttered!” So, I went out to Target today to get a simple, white dinner plate and a candlestick. I thought I may have to spraypaint the candlestick, but I found a great black one that went well with the kitchen so no painting (Score!). I got them for about $10, but you could certainly buy the materials for less by going to Goodwill, Walmart, or a thrift store. Make sure you get a candlestick with a good, wide diameter for the base and that holds a pillar candle (this will help keep the sink stand from tipping over!)

Here’s the materials line up:

By the way, how awesome is Gorilla Glue?! (Can I get an “amen”?!?)

Take the gorilla glue and spread it around the part of the candlestick that will touch the plate. You don’t need a lot at all because Gorilla Glue expands like c-r-azy.

Then, turn the plate upside down and place the candlestick in the center.

Finally, turn it all right side up (the candlestick may slide a bit, so be sure to get it back in the center of the plate) and place some heavy books on top of the plate until it dries (I had some more errands to run with Dr O and Little O and by errands, I mean going to Orange Leaf, so mine sat for a couple of hours).

I bought a small dishcloth to lay over the plate, but I like the look of it without the cloth, so I can easily just wash the plate if it gets gross.

Here it is in action:

Now, my sink is way less cluttered and Dr O even mentioned that he liked the clean, organized look of the sink area now πŸ™‚

It was so simple and relatively inexpensive. I love it πŸ™‚

Mrs O



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4 responses to “Sink stand

  1. Dorothy Harbin


    • mymintjulep

      Thanks! I *smile* every time to do something at the sink πŸ™‚ (get water, wash my hands, wash a dish, go to turn a light off…)

  2. lauren

    Tell me more about orange leaf!

  3. mymintjulep

    It’s a frozen yogurt chain. They have tons of different flavors (brownie batter and cake batter are my absolute fav) and lots of mix-ins. Instead of buying one of three sizes and one mix-in, you get a cup and fill it as high as you want (you can get as little or as much as you like) and you can mix-in tons of different types of candies, fruit, etc. because they weigh your cup to decide the cost. So instead of having to pay per type of mix-in and have way too much, you can put just a few sprinkles and whatever else you want. The O fam *LOVES* it πŸ™‚

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