Bagel fail, Camera fail

Picture this: I’m pumped about honey wheat bagels because Dr O and I made some kick butt bread flour bagels on Sunday and I was looking forward to making a healthier option all. by. myself. I took pictures of the dough in the mixer, took it out and began kneading it. I thought, “This would be a good picture.” So I got my camera, and *boom* battery is dead. The battery has been on it’s way to dying for over a month now and I had no idea how to charge it (Dr O always took care of that-I didn’t even know where the charger pack was!). So, no pictures of the bagels.

AND, to top it off, the bagels were A. MAJOR. FAIL. I’m talking didn’t rise, didn’t plump up, dense, not tasty, yucky, disgusting bagels. Dr O tried to be kind and try one before I trashed them (What? It’s where they belonged.) and he didn’t eat more than two bites before feeding it to the dog. IN. FRONT. OF. ME. It’s okay, I knew they were a fail.

So, we’ve checked out Peter Reinhart’s book about the art of whole wheat breadmaking. We’ve got a biga and soak going and should have good wheat bagels by tomorrow morning. Let me emphasize-SHOULD. I’ll let you know how it goes :/

Mrs O

PS- Today I’m trying out a recipe from for Chocolate Chip Blondies. There is no flour and the main ingredient is (da, da, da, daaaaa) chickpeas. I can’t wait to let you know how they turn out! Here’s the link if you can’t wait for my post to tell you how they taste and you want to try it on your own šŸ™‚

You will be amazed how these

become these (click on the link…it’s worth it!)


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  1. Dorothy Harbin

    Congratulations on your blog, A! Look forward to reading them all!

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