A B C D F G….wait a minute…

So, here in Kentucky it’s been getting quite chilly for fall (I’m from South Carolina, where you don’t feel an ounce of fall until late October-if you’re lucky.). In the morning, our house is so cold that I struggle to get out of bed. STRUGGLE. It’s a daily 20 minute battle I have with myself. I try to get up before Little O, so I can shower and look decent because if I shower when she’s awake, Dr O’s med mags mysteriously begin to disappear and he is SERIOUS about those medical magazines journals.

I’m lucky enough to have a little girl that stays in her bed (knock on wood!) until I go into her room. So if she wakes up early or while I’m in the shower, she just entertains herself for a bit. I know. I. am. so. lucky. This morning, after the 20 minute mind battle, I finally got out of bed to shower so I didn’t look like a scrub when I dropped Little O off at nursery school. As I’m walking onto the frighteningly cold bathroom tile, I hear “Tinkle (don’t judge, that’s how she says twinkle!), tinkle stars. Tinkle, tinkle stars. Tinkle, tinkle stars.” You get it, right? She was using her singing voice, which unfortunately she gets from Mommy and we need a little voice coach work, but I think it is beautiful and the most precious thing in the world. After a round of “Tinkle, tinkle,” she started singing her ABCs. Which usually go like this “A B C D” and she’s usually screaming them at us when she’s mad. I don’t know what she has against the ABC’s, but we only really hear them when she’s angry :/ She wasn’t angry this morning as she sang them, to the tune of the song, “A B C D F G, A B C D F G, A B C D F G.” So she skipped E, who nds that lttr anyway? (Get it, I left it out…ok, enough of that). Little O is really taking her time with learning her ABC song, but I think instead of just memorizing a song and jumbling letters together, she’s trying to soak in each letter because this song process has been going on for a year and we’re only 6 letters in (skipping E, of course). But, she is precious and perfect and I love hearing her sing. It made losing the 20 minute battle to get out of bed this morning so worth it to see her cute little face πŸ™‚

Is your heart melting? Because it totally should be πŸ™‚

Mrs O


PS- During naptime today I’m making honey wheat bagels, so stay tuned!



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3 responses to “A B C D F G….wait a minute…

  1. lauren

    My heart IS melting!

  2. Dorothy Harbin

    Yes, totally melting!!!

  3. Gigi

    Having a meltdown! Absolutely! Love to read about Little O and look forward to many more of her ‘antics’. You are certainly a good writer and you just seem to enjoy life so very much. No doubt you were an AweSome teacher!
    I have been retired for like 7 years or nearly 7 years and I miss my students so much, or at least I miss most of them. Some I could have done without from the getgo!!!!

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