Sweet Cheeks Baby Gifts

My younger cousin welcomed her first child, a sweet boy, into the world on Sunday, September 25th. She had the largest of all baby showers I have ever seen and got what looks to be everything and more that a first time parent could need! So, I decided I’d make her a couple gifts to send after the baby was born. When Little O was a baby, I took monthly pictures of her and just wrote how many months old she was on a piece of paper, decorated it, and snapped. However, this became increasingly difficult as she grew. Evidence below:

So, I’ve recently seen throughout the blogoverse (as I like to call it) some really cute monthly onesies. So, I grabbed some long-sleeved onesies (1 newborn, 1 0-3 month, 3 3-6 month, 4 6-9 month, 3 12 month) and some iron-on printable transfer paper and got to work. I chose long-sleeved onesies because he will spend the majority of his first year of life in the cold weather, but you could do it with colored onesies, short-sleeved, etc. I began to create my own image in Microsoft Word (which is very simple, but a little time consuming and all the choices of things I could do were overwhelming me; plus, I wasn’t quite sure of what she would like so I needed to go simple) and then decided I’d just use some from another site. I found printables from parties by hardee here : http://www.tipjunkie.com/baby-photos/. I printed out the red and cut right along the circle’s edge. Then I ironed them on with no steam. Let them cool complete before tearing transfer paper off. **~TIP~** Make sure you pay attention to whether your image needs to be reversed or not before printing! Some transfer paper requires that the image is flipped, others don’t. Here is the finished product:

I think they turned out pretty simple and cute! It’ll be good with the same stuffed animal or in the same place each month, so you can really see the changes in baby. I hope she likes them ๐Ÿ™‚ I also wanted to make her a blanket with his birth stats on it. We got one when Little O was born and I loved it. I didn’t want to give her a “baby size” blanket that would only last for 6 months, so I decided to make a tie blanket of minky and fleece and use my embroidery machine to embroider his stats onto the minky fabric. I’m sure you remember these blankets, they were quite popular a few years back and JoAnn actually sells kits to make double-sided fleece ones now, but I love the texture of minky fabric and I think it complements the fleece well. I made it pretty large (large enough to just cover the top of a crib/toddler mattress because I know that way they will be able to use it for a longer time). So the first thing I did was purchase some minky (on sale or with a coupon) and fleece (on sale or with a coupon). I used 1 yard of each, lined themย  up, cut the edges so they were basically the same size:

(sidenote, don’t mind the materials in the chair….you’ll see those in later posts!) Then I embroidered baby’s birth stats into the minky fabric. I used a stiff, tearaway stabilizer behind the minky fabric since it is stretchy and that worked really well. I chose to embroider in a color that would pop–green ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought this way the blanket wouldn’t be too boring. I chose the fabric patterns because of their texture and simplicity. This way they would go with anything and he would be able to snuggle with it for many years to come!

Once I finished and tore away most of the stabilizer, I placed the minky against the houndstooth fleece on my table and began cutting strips along the edge.

The strips were about 1 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches long. Also, the last two strips on the corners need to be cut off (only one two sides, not all four).

Then tie your knots. I tie a good tight not and pull the opposite fabric up during the last knot. This way the part of the knot showing on the minky side was houndstooth and vice versa.

Continue with your knots down the side of the blanket. When finished, they will be tight and bunched together, like this

Gently pull the opposite sides of the blanket to stretch the fabric back out, it will begin to take more of a rectangular shape when you do this.

Big difference, right?! Then complete the other 2 sides, doing one side at a time. And you will have this

Here is my finished, folded blanket

Ready to ship to sweet baby! I know that both of these projects are very simple and maybe didn’t need that much of an explanation, but this is my very first tutorial so I wanted to make it with something simple. These are wonderful, personalized baby gifts that anyone would love. Don’t forget to become a “Follower” of My Mint Julep so you can be updated on my newest projects, recipes, etc.!

Mrs O



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2 responses to “Sweet Cheeks Baby Gifts

  1. Dorothy Harbin

    So sweet and a wonderful keepsake!

    • mymintjulep

      I loved every minute of making these sweet gifts. It did *not* make me want another baby (to Dr O’s sadness), but it did make me want more babies to make gifts for, so friends, followers, family–GET ON IT ๐Ÿ™‚

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